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To provide our customers and prospects with the information they need to make informed decisions that support their goals as they pertain to their business or personal insurance needs.

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Wilmington Location

If you’re a small business owner or HR administrator and looking for advice regarding Employee Benefits, calling our Wilmington office and speaking to Jimmy Wright is your first move to get going in the right direction.

I will gladly schedule a time to meet with you at your office or location of choice. Much of what we need to discuss can be addressed in an initial phone call. From here, we can start to narrow down what employee benefits are going to look like for your organization and employees.

Having a good understanding of what your goals are for your employees is key before we dive into specific plan designs and options. Then we will review costs involved and talk through whether or not we can provide a good fit. I understand and appreciate the fact that Health Insurance is very expensive for all parties involved, and sometimes it’s easy to feel you're not getting a return on the investment involved. Therefore, it’s important to remember that our conversation will not just focus on Health Insurance, but a broader view of Employee Benefits including: Disability Income, Life, Vision, and Dental. Remember, just because you have 7 employees, doesn’t mean you can’t implement a plan that resembles a company with 700 employees. You absolutely can, and we’ll talk through it together.

I look forward to your call and learning more about your company and how I could help!

-Jimmy Wright